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When Mom or Dad Is Afraid to Move to a Senior Center

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Most of the time, homecare and senior assistance services are preferable to a senior care or live-in facility. However, sometimes there comes a time when you need to talk with your senior loved ones about considering the move to a senior care center. 

Talking to a parent about moving into a senior care facility is never easy. In fact, it is one of the most difficult tasks that you might ever face in your lifetime.  You probably do not want to sit your parent down for a serious discussion any more than they had to sit you down for a talk in your youthful years.

Waiting for the right moment is critical. If a parent slips and falls, becomes forgetful and leaves food on the stove, or forgets to take medication, then you could use this as an opportunity to bring up the topic of the benefits of living in a senior care facility. You could mention that you worry about their safety, and remark about how much more secure they would be if they lived somewhere with round the clock staff.

Your parent might complain about being lonely or having nothing to do. In this case, you could use the opportunity to point out that a senior center is full of people with similar interests to them, giving them the opportunity to make new friends. A facility also has a schedule full of fun activities to prevent them from not having anything to do or growing bored.

Tackling a Parent’s Fears Head First

When a parent retires, they dream of spending their golden years like they always planned. The thought of derailing from this plan and moving into an assisted living facility can be overwhelming. When you try to see this transition from your parent’s point of view, then it will help you to be more sensitive to what they are going through and treat the situation with empathy. They will need this kind of family support. You can also:

-          Make sure that you listen to any concerns and fears that your parent might have.

-          Enlist the help of a friend or family member who currently lives in a facility.

-          With your parent’s help, make a list of pro’s and con’s about senior care living.

Finally, through the entire process offer unrelenting reassurance that you will be there for them. A lot of seniors, including our parents, fear that once they move into a facility, everyone will up and forget about them. Let them know which traditions you can still celebrate with them during upcoming holidays, and what activities outside the facility that they can still participate in with you.

Once you push past the emotional resistance and other barriers, and your parent is willing to consider what it would be like to live in a senior care facility, then it is time to research to create a list of which facilities your parent might consider visiting. Then set up a couple of tour appointments at first, making sure that they are not scheduled too closely together.